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Hello, Wing!

OK, we are ready for our first Wing program!

Create your project directory

Let's create an empty directory for your project.

mkdir hello-wing
cd hello-wing

The entrypoint file

Add a new file called main.w with the following code. This file is the entrypoint of your Wing application.

bring cloud;

let bucket = new cloud.Bucket();
let counter = new cloud.Counter(initial: 1);
let queue = new cloud.Queue();

queue.setConsumer(inflight (message: str) => {
let index =;
bucket.put("wing-${index}.txt", "Hello, ${message}");
log("file wing-${index}.txt created");

This code should be mostly self explanatory. We define a queue and a counter, and every time a message is added to the queue, a handler is triggered and creates a file named wing-<counter-index>.txt with "Hello, ${message}!" content, and the counter is incremented by 1.

Now that we've written this program, let's run and test it using the Wing Console.