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We are out there

New experiences are always better with friends and support, join the Wing Community Slack and jump right into the #getting-started channel. Say 👋 and feel free to ask questions, post rants and offer advice to your fellow Wingnuts.

If you run into issues, please submit a new issue on GitHub and let us know as soon as possible.

In this section you will install Wing on your system. This includes:

  1. Wing Toolchain: The Wing development toolchain which includes the Wing CLI, Wing Compiler and the Wing Console.
  2. Wing VSCode Extension: An extension for developing Wing code in the VSCode IDE.


To install Wing, you will need the following setup:

Wing Toolchain

The Wing Toolchain is distributed via npm:

npm install -g winglang

Verify your installation:

wing --version

Wing VSCode Extension

The Wing VSCode Extension adds syntax highlighting and other conveniences for the Wing Programming Language in VSCode.

To install the Wing VSCode extension, download it from the VSCode Marketplace. It is distributed via the VSCode Marketplace.