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Analytics Collection

The Wing CLI collects anonymous usage data in order to help us improve. The intent is to collect data that will help us understand how it is being used throughout the community, with hopes that this will help us build the right features and improve the right areas.

You may not feel comfortable sharing this data with us, and that is ok. The gathering of these analytics is completely optional to use the Wing CLI, and can be opted out of at any time.

Opting out

If you would like to opt out of the analytics gathering, then you can do so by simply setting the environment variable WING_DISABLE_ANALYTICS=1. You can also use the flag --no-analytics when running any command.

wing compile -t sim app.w --no-analytics

What data is collected

Each run of the Wing cli collects information about various aspects of the environment it is running in. Below are the analytics we gather. As well you can always head over to our Github and view the code that collects these metrics, as the code is open source.

  • The Wing CLI, SDK, and Console versions
  • The command information, including the command name, arguments, and flags
  • Operating system information, including the architecture, version, and platform
  • Node.js version
  • CI environment name (if applicable)
  • Git repo (if applicable) is assigned a hashed anonymous id. This is used to understand how many unique repos are using Wing.