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To learn more, you can check out our various tutorials and documentation pages and other resources.


Learn about Wing's core concepts, including Wing's main differentiator, the preflight and inflight execution phases.

Or check out the documentation of the varios resources in Wing's standard library which abstracts the cloud.

You can also check out Wing's toolchain, including the platforms that allow you to go below the abstraction layer and tweak the infrastructure definitions directly.

Interactive Tutorials

Intro to Wing

Preflight and Inflight execution phases

The Bucket resource

Introduction to Counter

Working with Queue

The Topic resource


Check out our guides to learn how to use Wing to build real-world applications.


Check out our examples repository to see some samples of Wing applications. There are also smaller code examples by theme in the docs.


Put your skills to the test using the playground.


We also have a YouTube channel where we share clips of demos and guest interviews on our Twitch show, and a blog.

Finally, we encourage you to join our Wing Discord where we help each other, answer questions, and share our cloud adventures.