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Wing Secrets CLI

  • Author(s): @hasanaburayyan
  • Submission Date: 2024-03-31
  • Stage: Draft

Creating secrets through the Wing CLI.


Wing applications often require secrets to be retrieved during runtime. These secrets are stored in platform specific secret stores, such as AWS Secrets Manager for tf-aws or a local .env file for the sim platform.

Secrets must be configured before the application is run, and now the Wing CLI along with Wing platforms make it easy to configure secrets.

Out of Scope

In this RFC a few things are out of scope:

  • Checking if the secrets exist in the platform's secret store when running wing compile
  • Reading secret values, for now we will only focus on creating secrets

Platform Hook

Since secrets creation is platform specific, platforms can now implement a new hook configureSecrets(secrets: { [key: string]: string }): string which will be called by the Wing CLI to configure the secrets.

For example the sim platform implementation which needs to store secrets in a .env file, would look something like this:

public async configureSecrets(secrets: { [key: string]: string }): Promise<string> {
let existingSecretsContent = "";
try {
existingSecretsContent = fs.readFileSync('./.env', 'utf8');
} catch (error) {}

const existingSecrets = existingSecretsContent.split('\n')
.filter(line => line.trim() !== '')
.reduce((s, line) => {
const [key, value] = line.split('=', 2);
s[key] = value;
return s;
}, {} as { [key: string]: string });

for (const key in secrets) {
existingSecrets[key] = secrets[key];

const updatedContent = Object.entries(existingSecrets)
.map(([key, value]) => `${key}=${value}`)

fs.writeFileSync('./.env', updatedContent);

return "Secrets saved to .env file";

CLI Command

Introducing a new Wing CLI command secrets which will be used for managing secrets in the Wing applications.

Given the following Wing application:

bring cloud;

let slackSigningSecret = new cloud.Secret(name: "SLACK_SIGNING_SECRET");
let slackBotToken = new cloud.Secret(name: "SLACK_BOT_TOKEN");

Creating Secrets

Running wing secrets main.w will result in an interactive experience where the user is prompted to enter the values for the secrets:

wing secrets main.w

2 secrets found in main.w

Enter the value for SLACK_SIGNING_SECRET: ********
Enter the value for SLACK_BOT_TOKEN: ********

Secrets saved to .env file

This results in a .env file being created with the secrets stored in it.

specifying the platform

You can specify the platform using the -t flag, for example to configure the secrets for the tf-aws platform:

wing secrets main.w -t tf-aws

2 secrets found in main.w

Enter the value for SLACK_SIGNING_SECRET: ********
Enter the value for SLACK_BOT_TOKEN: ********

Secrets saved to AWS Secrets Manager

Listing Secrets

If the user prefers to ignore the interactive experience of creating secrets in favor of creating the secrets themselves, there is an option to list the secrets in the Wing application:

wing secrets main.w --list

2 secrets found in main.w