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#2819 Wing Utility Library (approved)

  • Author(s):: @eladb
  • Submission Date: 2023-06-07
  • Stage: Proposal
  • Stage Date: 2023-06-07

A specification for the Wing SDK utility libraries.

This is a very initial non-exhaustive sketch of Wing's utility library. We plan to conduct a more thorough design of this library in the future, establish design tenets and determine the boundaries of the library.


The Wing SDK includes a set of submodules which offer a set of useful functionality for building cloud applications.

This is just an initial spec and will likely change in the future.

For each module, we show a list of function declarations. For each function, we specify which phase this function is bound to: inflight (inflight only - async), preflight (preflight only - synchronous) or preflight inflight (for phase-independent).

math module

preflight inflight min(arr: Set<num>): num
preflight inflight max(arr: Set<num>): num
preflight inflight abs(value: num): num
preflight inflight floor(value: num): num;
preflight inflight ceil(value: num): num;

util module

// read environment variables
preflight inflight env(name: str): str;
preflight inflight tryEnv(name: str): str?;

// sleep
inflight sleep(d: duration): void; // inflight only!

// hash/random/uid generation
preflight inflight uuidv4(): str;
preflight inflight sha256(data: str): str;
preflight inflight nanoid(): str; //

// returns an pseudo random double random number between [0, max] (inclusive).
preflight inflight random(max: num? = 1.0): num;
preflight inflight randomInt(max: num): num;

preflight inflight class RegExp {
test(s: str): bool;
match(s: str): RegExpMatch;

preflight inflight regex(pattern: str): RegExp;

fs module

File APIs are phase-independent and at the moment are all implemented using the "sync" node.js fs APIs. In the future we might separate preflight/inflight versions and the inflight versions will be async.

All file paths must be POSIX file paths (/ instead of \) and will be normalized to the target platform if running on Windows.

preflight inflight readFile(path: str): str;
preflight inflight tryReadFile(path: str): str?; // nil if not found
preflight inflight readJson(path: str): Json;
preflight inflight tryReadJson(path: str): Json?;

preflight inflight writeFile(path: str, data: str): void;
preflight inflight writeJson(path: str, obj: Json): void;
preflight inflight writeYaml(path: str, obj: Json): void;
preflight inflight readYaml(path: str): Json;
preflight inflight tryReadYaml(path: str): Json?;

preflight inflight readDir(dir: str): Array<str>;
preflight inflight tryReadDir(dir: str): Array<str>?; // nil if dir not found

preflight inflight exists(path: str): bool;

// paths (paths are always posix)
inflight preflight join(p1: str, p2: str): str;
inflight preflight dirname(p: str): str;
inflight preflight basename(p: str): str;
inflight preflight relative(p: str): str;
inflight preflight absolute(p: str): str;

// ...

http module

Note that the APIs here are inflight-only.

enum RequestCache {

enum RequestRedirect {

struct RequestOptions {
method: str = "GET";
headers: Map<str> = {};
body: str?;
cache: RequestCache = RequestCache.DEFAULT,
redirect: RequestRedirect = RequestRedirect.FOLLOW,
referrer: str?,
// omitted: mode, credentials, referrerPolicy, integrity, keepalive, signal, priority

struct Response {
status: num;
url: str;
ok: bool;
headers: Map<str>;
body: str;

inflight fetch(url: str, options: RequestOptions?): Response;
inflight get(url: str, options: RequestOptions?): Response;
inflight post(url: str, options: RequestOptions?): Response;
inflight put(url: str, options: RequestOptions?): Response;

Implementation Notes

All global functions should be implemented under a class named Util of each submodule.