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User Story 7 - Request Alpha Access

Status: Done

This sprint goal is to make sure the system is ready for anyone to go into our website, register for wing preview program, consume the docs and guides and engage with the community.

For the above to be successful we need to complete the following user stories

All public assets meets our standards #524

We want to make sure that all our public assets meet our standards of good UX (performance, experience, branded design)



Other assets: GitHub Discussions

  • Manual testing INSTALL + README (USER) and BUILD (CONTRIBUTION) flows
  • Code freeze

Tracking visitors and their onboarding process #507

When a visitor goes into or or we report page load to Segment that reports it to Google Analytics and Mixpanel, it keeps track of the utm_* and HTTP referer attributes to determine where they came from, we also track their registration to preview , completing the form, and successfully clicking on the email.

We are able to answer the following questions:

  • How many visitors seen our web pages

    • From where did they arrive
    • Which pages are seen the most
    • Which docs are seen the most
    • Other analytics metrics (e.g. Bounce Rate)
  • How many visitors successfully registered to the preview

    • From where did these people arrive
    • Their completed form information
    • Pages viewed
  • What happened to visitors who started the form and did not complete it

    • Show the funnel: Register → Completed form → email cta clicked

We want to make sure that our user journey is safe and meets the legal standard, including: having our EULA available, making sure we do not leak any private information, etc...

Console is ready for public

See list in ticket

Our service is always available for our users #527

We are notified when a critical path in our customer journey is broken.

Our customer critical path is:

  • Visiting our webpages
  • Going threw the sign up flow
  • Running the README examples
  • Building wing
  • Picking up a good-first-issue