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User Story 14 - Bring CDKtf

Status: Expected released on 2023/03/02

This story focuses on opening winglang to the existing terrafrom ecosystem. This specific milestone allows you to use cdktf provider in preflight wing code.

The following milestones will be:

  • bring cdktf modules
  • Using extern keyword to actually interact with the resource in inflight
  • Being able to run code that brings cdktf in the simulator
bring cloud;
bring "@cdktf/provider-aws" as aws;

resource DynamodbTable {
_table: aws.dynamodbTable.DynamodbTable;

init() {

// define a DynamoDB through a CDKtf L1 construct.
this._table = new aws.dynamodbTable.DynamodbTable(
name: "GameScores",
billing_mode: "PAY_PER_REQUEST",
hash_key: "TaskId",
attribute: [{ name: "TaskId", type: "S" }]

new DynamodbTable();