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User Story 13 - Task List with Json and duration

Status: Expected released on 2023/02/16

The following code is an iteration of Wing's task list. This version of it includes the following functional changes:

  • Storing Json instead of a string
  • Using duration for estimated effort

Also, it includes some non-functional requirements:

  • The Bucket should be replicated across different regions
  • Least privileged permissions syntax is defined in RFC
  • The code should work on sim, aws
  • VScode should help developers with code completion and hover
    • Windows support - vscode extension should work on windows
    • Hover: when you hover over a symbol you get its type information
  • Console should be able to show all resources, and interact with them
  • The wing command can be used in windows
bring cloud;

* Represents a cloud task list.
resource TaskList {
/** stores the tasks */
_bucket: cloud.Bucket;

/** used to create a global id */
_counter: cloud.Counter;

init() {
this._bucket = new cloud.Bucket();
this._counter = new cloud.Counter();

* Adds a task to the task list.
* @returns The ID of the new task.
inflight add_task(title: str): str {
let id = "${}";
let j = Json {
title: title,
log("adding task ${id} with data: ${j}"); //j should be printed out nicely
this._bucket.put_json(id, j);
return id;

* Gets a task from the task list.
* @param id - the id of the task to return
* @returns the title of the task (optimistic)
inflight get_task(id: str): Json {
return this._bucket.get_json(id);

* Removes a task from the list
* @param id - the id of the task to be removed
inflight remove_tasks(id: str): str {
log("removing task ${id}");
return id;

* Gets the tasks ids
* @returns set of task id
inflight list_task_ids(): Set<str> {
let result = MutSet<str> {};
for id in this._bucket.list() {
return result.copy();

* Find tasks with title that contains a term
* @param term - the term to search
* @returns set of task id that matches the term
inflight find_tasks_with(term: str): Array<str> {
log("find_tasks_with: ${term}");
let task_ids = this.list_task_ids();
log("found ${task_ids.size} tasks");
let output = MutArray<str>[];
for id in task_ids {
let j = this.get_task(id);
let title = str.from_json(j.get("title"));
if title.contains(term) {
log("found task ${id} with title \"${title}\" with term \"${term}\"");

log("found ${output.length} tasks which match term '${term}'");
return output.copy();

// --------------------------------------------
// testing
// --------------------------------------------
let tasks = new TaskList();

new cloud.Function(inflight (s: str): str => {
tasks.add_task("clean the dishes");
let result = tasks.find_tasks_with("clean the dishes");
assert(result.length == 1);
let t = tasks.get_task(;
assert("clean the dishes" == str.from_json(t.get("title")));
}) as "test:add, get and find task";

new cloud.Function(inflight (s: str): str => {
tasks.add_task("clean the dishes");
tasks.add_task("buy dishwasher soap");
tasks.remove_tasks(tasks.find_tasks_with("clean the").at(0));
let result = tasks.find_tasks_with("clean the dish");
assert(result.length == 0);
}) as "test:add, remove and find task";